AI Fears

What is AI?  What is the Digital and or Fourth Revolution about? What does AI mean for me? My future? My children’s Future? The future of humanity? Should I be scared, worried, excited? Will I pee my pants a little?

Yeah…that’s a lot of questions. Do you have these questions? Good, you should – well maybe not the peeing pants bit.

Anyway, they are important and impactful issues that are on track to change all of our lives. The purpose of this Omnichannel series is to inform and offer discussions and viewpoints. We think everyone should understand the issues that key figures like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and the army of nerds in lab coats are jostling with at this moment.

These discussions are generally bandied about through various industry circles in the fields of artificial intelligence, software/hardware engineering, data analysis and more tech skewed fields. However, these topics will not just influence those in these fields, it will touch all of our lives.  

This forum is intended to bring those conversations out in an engaging and more down to earth arena.  The discussion going on affects all – we think we should be a part of it or at the very least understand what is going on.

We have interviewed a number of key figures in fields both directly related to AI as well as those in vastly different occupations.  Our initial findings were quite interesting as well as entertaining and we invite you to review, share and comment.

Welcome to AI Fears.


a.i. fears Contributors

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Ronald Gill
Ronald Gill

Robots and robotics have been a fascination for me throughout my career. I have spent over 10 years in asset and design management. For clients such as Cognizant, Warner Bros, Honda Motorcycles, MSNBC, Harper Collins among others. All the while keeping my love of all things tech and robot-related – front and center. “I paint robots.”- as a Fine Arts/Contemporary artist at Gilosan.com is a testament to this fascination.  I look to the future confidently and with open eyes, we are on the cusp of a new revolution and a.i. will bring us there.  There is much hope, anxiety, and uncertainty in the media right now – we hope to address these concerns and bring a dialogue on what is actually happening and how it may impact us as we move forward. I look forward to the continual discovery as both someone mired in the tech world but also still learning about the different industries pushing the envelope as well as the new fields being created.


Henrik de Gyor

DAM consultant and tech specialist, his prolific talents give him superhuman insight and specialties in the areas of digital asset management, consulting, metadata, digital media, integration, implementation, implementation support, strategy, marketing, taxonomy, media, research, advising, advocacy, metadata migration, search, asset migration, data migration, metadata management, change management, media management, archiving, brand management, social media, project management, podcasting, audio, video, text, graphics, photography, digital archives, deduplication, business analysis, technical analysis, collaboration, training, migration support, sharing, meetup organizing, problem solving, professional services, managed services, writing and time management.

Yup, all of that.  Henrik has interviewed over 300 people for anotherdampodcast.com, rights.tech, tagging.tech, bcbpodcast.com, and other projects.

He is the author of several books in the niche tech fields of digital asset management, rights management, keywording, blockchain, and crowdfunding.

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