Intro to a.i. fears

[Intro to AI Fears]

When most people think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), most people think of several well-known movies. With the rise of faster, cheaper and more powerful processors that can handle more complex algorithmic calculations that make up much of the AI, we wanted to join the discussion on AI. As AI becomes the latest buzz word, we wanted to help clarify the discussion.

Currently, three types of AI and the lowest form of AI is to date the most popular in the real world.

Three flavors of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Narrow AI

Sometimes called simple AI, this narrow-focused AI are good at one or a few simple tasks.

The most popular smartphones and audio-controlled hubs (made by Amazon, Google and others) in our homes use narrow AI to do simple tasks that are programmed. By 2020, most software we use will have some form of AI.

General AI

Also called Artificial general intelligence (AGI)

Super AI

So advanced, it does not yet exist to date. In the real world. Yet.

We have all heard of those terminating robots that take over the world and kill humans in popular movie culture. We are at least two decades away from this type of AI beyond more stories. Eventually, an AI will create those stories from ideation to reality to meet the market demands. And AI will create more AI that continually improves itself.

Most movies depict a super AI and often demonizes it as evil, but that just makes more interesting storytelling prose.

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